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Hiring an organizer saves you Time, Energy and Money.  Rather than living with clutter, overwhelm, disharmony, wasted time looking for things or buying duplicate items because you can’t find the one you already own, it is considerably less expensive to pay a professional to help you get organized once and for all.

Tova is the right fit for you. She is patient, considerate, and respectful. She understands that life gets busy and it is hard to keep up with so many roles in life. She respects your space and feelings and finds balance between them. She guides, educates, and trains you to live in a space that makes you happy. 

These are some of the thoughts of her past clients. 

Citrus Heights, CA

Kitchen Sink

"Tova is such a enjoyable person to be around, especially when facing such daunting tasks as total home organization. She was efficient and very much dedicated to her business. She is very comfortable to work with and any embarrassment felt about the state of ones home is quickly diminished within minutes of getting to work. She has been so great that we are having her return for future visits and having her help us move into our new home and show us how to organize it so we make the most out of house. We couldn't have done it without Tova and Everything Has A Place. Thank you –

Emeryville CA

Organized Cubicles

"She's just what I need - gets a sort-order going and gets things in boxes and bags that I decide is keep or - GO! This didn't get collected in a day, so it'll take more than once to sort it and get it out so I can have the space I want. I'm looking forward to our next session.". 

Antelope, CA

Neat Storage Boxes

"I really enjoyed her approach when she was asking if I wanted to keep something or not. She did not make me feel guilty if I decided to keep something. Non-judgmental. Very professional."

Newcastle, CA

Corner Fireplace

"Keeping me focused and on task is a task in itself and she was able to do it in a friendly yet matter of fact way. I now enjoy walking into each room seeing everything in its place. I will always have her come back to keep me in check every so often." 

Emeryville, CA


Tova helped me go thru my closets and the rest of my apartment.  She helped me throw out un-needed things.  Excellent for motivation!  Her energy is awesome!  She came in and got me started with things right away that she took out of my closet and hadn't used in years. Then she un-packed some shelves, and the bookcase, and some storage bins.  We got rid of 3 elevators-full of things that people in the apartments took away before we got the next elevator downstairs so no worries of where to take it!  She got into all the spaces and helped to decide what to throw out and what to keep. She was a great moral support.


How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth

What did you like most about this contractor? enthusiasm and professionalism

Nevada City, CA

Couch With Pillows

"The woman who was called and met my needs and requests became one of my trusted friends and a true gift to my life!!! I have what I was looking for, Thank you" - 

Lafayette, CA

Bedside Lamp

"Tova was very helpful. She listened carefully and she helped me formulate a plan to get my office procedures organized and scheduled so I know when to take care of everything (billing, return calls or emails, paperwork, calendaring, etc.)  She is a fantastic organizer. She is very calm, and helps you to think through your stuff. She motivated me to keep going on my own through the rest of the house." – 

Oakland, CA

office supplies

"Tova knows how to remain upbeat as we went through stacks of papers to get them in order. It was all done efficiently and she has a real passion for doing this kind of work."  

Roseville, CA

Organized Desk

Tova helped me organize my home office including paper files and years of office supplies.  She was very helpful. We worked through the mess in a non-threatening way at a good pace. I will use her services again. 

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