Tova helped me go thru my closets and the rest of my apartment.  She helped me throw out un-needed things.  Excellent for motivation!  Her energy is awesome!  She came in and got me started with things right away that she took out of my closet and hadn't used in years. Then she un-packed some shelves, and the bookcase, and some storage bins.  We got rid of 3 elevators-full of things that people in the apartments took away before we got the next elevator downstairs so no worries of where to take it!  She got into all the spaces and helped to decide what to throw out and what to keep. She was a great moral support.


How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on

How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money's worth

What did you like most about this contractor? enthusiasm and professionalism


- Emeryville, CA




"Tova is such a enjoyable person to be around, especially when facing such daunting tasks as total home organization. She was efficient and very much dedicated to her business. She is very comfortable to work with and any embarrassment felt about the state of ones home is quickly diminished within minutes of getting to work. She has been so great that we are having her return for future visits and having her help us move into our new home and show us how to organize it so we make the most out of house. We couldn't have done it without Tova and Everything Has A Place. Thank you –
Citrus Heights, CA

"The woman who was called and met my needs and requests became one of my trusted friends and a true gift to my life!!! I have what I was looking for, Thank you" - Nevada City, CA

Comments from Everything Has A Place 

I feel very fortunate to have met you as well. I loved working together, working to uplift the energy of your home, talking about how to make the entrance more inviting, picking furniture and organizing your room. I look forward to doing a lot more. Thank you. Tova


"Tova knows how to remain upbeat as we went through stacks of papers to get them in order. It was all done efficiently and she has a real passion for doing this kind of work."  - Oakland, CA

Comments from Everything Has A Place 
Andy, it is very rewarding to sift through someone's belonging to create order and a sense of freedom to move forward knowing what you have and where it is. It's very vulnerable to open one's home to an organizer and I feel honored to be able to do this work. Thank you. I look forward to working with you again. Tova



"Keeping me focused and on task is a task in itself and she was able to do it in a friendly yet matter of fact way. I now enjoy walking into each room seeing everything in its place. I will always have her come back to keep me in check every so often."  - Newcastle, CA

Comments from Everything Has A Place
Viviane, it is a pleasure working with you. I always look forward to our sessions because of your willingness to move through so much accumulated paperwork and belongings. Thank you for letting me into your life. Tova

"I really enjoyed her approach when she was asking if I wanted to keep something or not. She did not make me feel guilty if I decided to keep something. Non-judgmental. Very professional." – Antelope, CA


"Tova was organized, professional and lovely to work with.  The situation was stressful and chaotic, and Tova brought an element of calmness, non-judgementalness and clarity to the tasks at hand. We would hire her again without hesitation. She got an overwhelmingly full attic packed up beautifully in what seemed a miraculously short time." – Berkeley, CA

Comments from Everything Has A Place 
I really enjoy a challenge and I know that there are many reasons why a person hires an organizer. Making big changes in one's life is rarely easy so I like to create an environment where you feel comfortable and OK about whatever is going on. My intention is to be of service, make it as easy and fun as possible and get the most accomplished in the given time frame. I truly enjoyed working for you. Thank you! Tova

"She's just what I need - gets a sort-order going and gets things in boxes and bags that I decide is keep or - GO! This didn't get collected in a day, so it'll take more than once to sort it and get it out so I can have the space I want. I'm looking forward to our next session." – Emeryville, CA

Tova helped me organize my home office including paper files and years of office supplies.  She was very helpful. We worked through the mess in a non-threatening way at a good pace. I will use her services again. – Rocklin, CA

"Tova was very helpful. She listened carefully and she helped me formulate a plan to get my office procedures organized and scheduled so I know when to take care of everything (billing, return calls or emails, paperwork, calendaring, etc.)  She is a fantastic organizer. She is very calm, and helps you to think through your stuff. She motivated me to keep going on my own through the rest of the house." – Lafayette, CA

"Tova is a great worker and is trying hard to get me to change my ways of saving everything from year one. I enjoy working with her and would be happy to recommend her to anyone.” – Truckee, CA

Comments from Everything Has A Place - Thank you, Patty. It has been great working with you, too. I look forward to finishing going through ALL your paperwork from all over the house and creating one inviting home office space.



Tova also worked with us to sort thru storage locker 1 out of 2. This storage unit was from over 6 years ago and belonged to my fiancé's mother and him. Tova really impressed me with her efficiency just from working with her in my home, but she blew me away that day at the storage facility. Tova works hard and efficient and she doesn't stop until she feels a full day's work had been completed and she isn't fazed by the job. Tova is very reliable and punctual.  She is calm and very easy going, extremely great to work with and she made the project fun.  Tova immediately puts you at ease and you know right then that you've hired the right person.  We will be having Tova help us move into our new house and arrange it best suited for our needs.  We look forward to working with her again and we really do find her referral-worthy.

The entire project went great. Moved through the house smoothly and efficiently. We worked at a great pace but there was no feeling of being rushed and she definitely doesn't drag her heels. - Roseville, CA


Comments from Everything Has A Place - Thank you so much! It was truly fun and rewarding to work with both you and your husband. Your willingness to let go of things that no longer serve you was inspiring. It is an honor to be invited into a home of a client and allowed to work in many sensitive areas. It is my intention to help you feel comfortable with whatever you have going on and I’m happy that your overwhelm dissipated as we worked. I very much look forward to helping you move into and organize your new home.

Is it worth it?


Hiring an organizer saves you Time, Energy and Money.  Rather than living with clutter, overwhelm, disharmony, wasted time looking for things or buying duplicate items because you can’t find the one you already own, it is considerably less expensive to pay a professional to help you get organized once and for all. 


Tova organized our entire house.  We are going to be moving so we were preparing the house for pictures being taken and having potential buyers viewing the house. Tova helped me pack up items to be stored until we moved into the new house and she led the way through each project we undertook.


Tova had great suggestions and offered advice that shows just how much she loves what she does. We rearranged my daughter's room and helped me decide what to keep in the bedroom and what to donate, put in storage or toss. She made me feel that my overwhelming worries of not being able to accomplish the goal of getting the house ready to sell, was needless and nonsense.


Tova even helped my fiancé and me in the garage and really showed us how to utilize the garage and deal with our lack of shelves issue. I have bad back issues and that is a huge reason I called, but I realized I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself even if I was in mint condition. Tova showed me how to get things in order and how to figure or a game plan to keep it that way. 

Tova is an amazing organizer.  She is sensitive and will work at your pace, but also will push you.  We have worked with Tova since 2007.  She initially helped my partner and I merge our households.  We had a hard time with two sets of dishes, and furniture items, and made certain things just work for us.  Our merged mess could have been awful, but she really helped us untangle the personal and practical and hear each other and think about how our space could function, and then helped us make it function.

When we bought our house, she helped us organize for our move, it made the move so simple and easy.  She has also helped us put an organization system in place in our new house that we still use today.

 As our family is growing, she recently helped us create space for our new addition, while helping me find a way to keep my home office and exercise equipment.  I think other organizers would push you to get rid of things, but Tova offers getting rid of something as a possibility but also discusses how the space functions and I feel empowered to make the decisions of how we organize things.

I've never felt judged by her, no matter how messy or disorganized our home is, and she is empathetic and still supportive and pushes us to streamline or think about other methods of organizing.  She is also very professional and prepared.  She has always arrived on time, and communicates about the goals that need to be accomplished.  She is worth every penny, and we have used her services again and again.

Tova is an excellent communicator and asks tons of questions, mainly because she is trying to see how you organize and how she can assist you in accomplishing your goals.  Don't be afraid to speak your mind, and ask if something different can work, she will work with you.  Talk to her about your goals and what you would like to accomplish.


When we first merged our households we literally had a non-functioning household.  We had our things in boxes and couldn't find space for our clothes, our dishes...and a system for how they would be organized was definitely needed. Tova did not serve as a referee but more like a coach and talked us through how we could organize the kitchen, then helped us achieve our goal.  Once we had defined spaces and tasks, it made laundry and cooking and all the mundane tasks seem less monumental and more achievable.  She was awesome and sensitive and has made me WAY more neater and organized than I could ever have been without her.

My partner and I have very different styles and she worked with us at our own pace and used our individual skills to get us where we needed to do.

One fantastic thing is that she offers a check up to help you tighten your systems and to make sure you stay on track.  This is awesome, because you can address areas that are new or the function has changed.– Richmond, CA


Comments from Everything Has A Place - It's been a pleasure and an honor to work with both you and your husband creating order in your homes. It's also been fun and very rewarding to see how things are shaping up and becoming a place where you can function fully. I love working with you because you are so willing to go through the process even when it feels uncomfortable. I look forward to working with you again to accomplish all of your space goals. Thank you!

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