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Pre-move packing & post-move home set-up

We assist you in moving either out or in or both.  We are happy to pack up your belongings in an efficient, organized fashion so that the boxes are labeled for a quick, systematic unpacking in your new location.  We work with you or the moving company during the entire process.  


Ideally, we would help you organize your belongings before you pack up so that you only take with you the things you want and need.  When there isn’t enough time for this, we would help you pack up everything and then on the other end we would unpack, cull out what is no longer needed, put away and organize everything so that your home would feel wonderful in short order.  

  1. Give yourself enough time to go
    through your belongings before you move,
    sorting and purging.  This saves you time and
    money on the other side

  2. Use the right size boxes, heavier things in smaller ones

  3. Keep like things together for easy unpack

  4. Pack up shelves and number them

  5. Label every box

  6. Have the right packing materials for glass
    and fragile items

7. Have a good attitude because
it’s a stressful time

Moving Boxes
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