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Bathroom Organization

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand for getting bathrooms organized and keeping them that way. So a little mess is expected mostly in the mornings when we are rushing to work or dropping kids at school. The Bathroom is a room we all have to use every day. Sometimes they can be very small and have no space to store big stuff. Tova is a master on finding a place for everyone. She will advise on new hooks, baskets, or other tools that can help maintain a less chaotic space. This way when you are looking for the brush in the morning while putting your shoes on and shouting to your kids to have breakfast, you can find your brush in a relaxing space and hopefully your day will start a little better. ​


1- Keep it clean of clutter

2- Install baskets, hooks, and shelves

3- If sharing the bathroom, make sure
everyone is assigned with their
own space, drawer, or shelf.





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