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Kid's Room Organization

Everything Has A Place works with children of all ages to organize their rooms and help them let go of things they no longer want or need.  The child learns valuable lessons such as how to make decisions about what’s important to them and how to create a space that reflects what they like and what feels good.  They get to experience, first hand, the benefits of organizing and knowing where everything is located. 


Each child is empowered to make decisions and help in the process of creating a space that works for them. Kids who have participated in this “clean up” and decision-making process are more apt to keep their rooms in good order on their own because of a new ownership they feel.  They can bring this new skill to any space and when their rooms become messy again (and they will), they will know how to bring them back to equanimity. 


1. One in and one out or out with the old
and in with the new. 

2. Teach kids the pleasure of donating to help others.

3. Label containers with words or pictures 

4. Teach categorizing by showing how to put like
things together

5. Create a morning checklist of everything
thatneeds to be done





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