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About Tova

What People Say...

My goal as a professional home organizer is to eliminate your stress and simplify your life. I will help you get through your never-ending to-do list! 


My non-judgmental and friendly approach will put you at ease while your environment becomes organized and beautiful!  I am here to help you and even teach you how to easily maintain your space tidy.


Getting organized at home and in life can help reduce stress levels long-term and is empowering.


Tova Diamond graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.  After a few years of peering down a microscope, she desired more human contact and so returned to school for a certification in Massage and Hypnotherapy, and soon developed a business in healing others.

Tova worked in the healing field for years. She witnessed how the external environment significantly affects the internal, emotional state, and vice-versa, so no matter how much bodywork a person received there would always be a lot of stress in their life if their personal physical environments were hectic or crazy-making.  


One fine sunny day, Tova dreamed up the 'perfect job’.  It would be to help people create spaces in their homes that they feel really good about; spaces in which they could relax and enjoy and have others come visit; home offices, where they could work without distractions. This process helps heal how people feel about themselves through healing their environment. Tova works with people to relieve stress and encourage Happiness in their lives.

Everything Has a Place

Tova then created Everything Has A Place in order to serve others. She loves and honors the intimacy this process creates and how it brings light to dark, dusty corners.


The initial consultation with the client for organizing or bookkeeping is done on the phone prior to the first session, generally to determine the client’s needs and in organizing, to target the most challenging organizational ‘mess’ in the home. Upon entering the home, Tova digs right in by beginning the organizational process usually in the space that has created the most stress in your life.


Understanding that organizing any area goes emotionally deeper than what is usually presented, she endeavors to help her clients feel comfortable and un-judged. Emotions may arise which Tova encourages her clients to feel, while at the same time keeping things moving forward. Tova is unafraid of touching places that need to be touched or discussed. She knows how to move things to get the most accomplished, while holding the client in a way that feels safe and non-threatening.


Tova specializes in…

  • Organizing all aspects of the home, office, and storage facilities

  • Working with frustrated, embarrassed and overwhelmed people

  • Working with the very old, the very young and everyone in between 

  • Helping people have their spaces work beautifully for them

  • Designing Paper Flow systems to handle all the paper that comes into the home as well as creating or improving filing systems

  • Creating organized and functional environments that clients can easily maintain for themselves

  • Organizing all aspects of the home, office, and storage facilities



NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers

Home Advisor

Angie’s List

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