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Closets and Clothes Organization

Closet organization

Closets often become overstuffed and disorganized and a place for everything takes on new meaning. 


Everything Has A Place literally goes through everything and creates order in every closet.  Imagine… opening the closet doors to your organized closet. You see clothes arranged in an esthetically pleasing way that you enjoy and fit you.  Your shoes are visible and easy to identify. Your handbags are lined up. Imagine the floor clear of all piles. This is your new closet!  



Most people accumulate many clothes of different sizes and styles in their lifetime.  I will go though your clothes with you to determine what fits and what looks good.  I will help you let go of clothes that are not attractive or you do not want but have not been able to let go of or no longer represent who you are.  


Let me go through your drawers with you to first cull through them, and then organize in a way where you can see exactly what you have.  Do you really need 47 pairs of pajamas? Maybe you do, but we will see if you really love every single one.




1-Purses – Look at your closet space and decide where to store them – shelf, closet rod or open wall space. Keep the ones you use most frequently closest. Special occasion bags or those used less frequently can be stored in clear or labeled storage boxes — or even in out of the way places such as under the bed.  Smaller bags or clutches can be stored in a  hanging shoe bag or stackable shoe racks .  These keep them visible and protected.
2. Shoulder Bags - You can store bags with straps either on hooks mounted to a wall, off the rod or

on a closet shelf. If hanging, know that over time,

the hook may damage the strap,

so swap them out frequently.



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