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Garage Organization

Can you walk through your garage easily?  Would you like to park your car in it but have not for a really long time?  Would you like to utilize the garage space for something other than it’s being used right now?  Do you even know what is in your garage?


Everything Has A Place creates an overall plan for how the space will be used.  We offer options for which kind of organizing bins and shelving you could use with consideration to your pocketbook and based on your needs.  Then together, we touch everything and go through each piece, one by one, to determine if you want to keep it or not.  I will organize everything in a way where you will know where it is and what you have.  I will help you let go of things you no longer need or want.

  1. Group like things together

  2. Consider using shelving, bins,
    pegboards and hooks

  3. Eliminate items you don’t need or use

  4. Store things off the ground





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