How can I cut down on paper in my life?

As soon as paper in the form of bills, magazines, advertisements, newspapers, etc. come into the home or office, rigorously question whether you need to keep it.  Make a habit of tossing/recycling unnecessary papers (shredding those that contain personal or financial information). Scanning documents and storing them electronically may be part of the solution if you are inclined this way. Cancel subscriptions to publications you don’t read, and remove yourself from mailing lists. Create a records-retention schedule that specifies how long documents such as tax forms, bills, and financial statements should be kept. 


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Why You Need Organizing...

Let’s face it, most people do not have the organizing gene and are therefore not natural organizers.  Even people who do have this special set of skills often need the help of a professional organizer when it comes to organizing their own belongings.  Anyone can benefit from working with a professional organizer who not only specializes in creating order and beauty but also comes with fresh eyes and no agenda and who is there only to help you create harmonic, functional spaces. 


Most people want to feel calm, confident and proud of their home, office or garage. They want to be able to invite friends and family over or host special occasions.  They want to quickly find what they're looking for and know where everything ought to  be filed or stored. They want more space freed up. Imagine walking into a completely organized home, office, or garage. This is available to you right now. 


Who needs an Organizer?


  • who feels disorganized or lives in a clutter-filled, messy space

  • who regularly wastes time looking for things

  • who doesn’t have company over because they’re embarrassed

  • who finds themselves buying things over and over because they can’t find the ones they already have



  • whose home creates feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or discomfort

  • whose disorganization causes obstructs accomplishing goals

  • whose home has become more of a storage facility than a living space

  • whose home is not a place of rest and rejuvenation

  • whose home causes emotional stress that negatively affects relationships


How long does it take? 

We at Everything Has A Place promise to create a space that is organized and works for you by consciously going through everything you own. Most people have spent years creating their particular mess or chaos. It rarely takes more than a day to organize a room and it usually takes less. Garages and Home offices can take 1 – 3 days, depending on how much you’ve accumulated. In a home office, for example, a filing system that works for you will be created and implemented. Furniture may be rearranged for more effective work flow. New systems will take the guesswork out. Once you have good systems in place, maintaining them is easy.


Can I afford a Professional Organizer?

Ask yourself the following questions…

What is the value of peace of mind?  How much is your time worth?  How many hours, days or weeks would it take you to sort through all of your stuff?  On your own, can you really purge and create new systems to simplify and streamline and make your life easier?  Do you waste time searching for things?  How much money have you needlessly spent buying duplicate items because you could not find the original ones?  How many times have you attempted to organize on your own only to have it return to a familiar chaos because your system either didn’t work or you stopped before seeing it all the way through?


Can you afford not to get organized?  Everybody needs to be organizated and most people need help to accomplish this.  Worry, stress, overwhelm and anxiety can be eliminated.  Relationships may improve.  Entertaining friends in your home  can be enjoyable again.  Quickly finding and locating your belongings without stress can be a reality.


Isn’t the value of peace and harmony worth every penny?

Hiring an organizer saves you Time, Energy and Money.  Rather than living with clutter, overwhelm, disharmony, wasted time, it is considerably less expensive to work with a professional and get organized once and for all.

How much will it cost?

Our relationship begins with a FREE phone consultation to determine your organizational needs.  Depending on my schedule and your location I also offer FREE on-site consultation.  After this, I will give you an estimate of the cost.


My 14 years of experience have trained me well in evaluating and solving any level of disorganization.  My approach is relational and I am very sensitive to your needs.  At the same time I will lead you through the process in a graceful and focused way in a concentrated amount of time.


How does the process work?

Generally, the initial free consultation with the client is done on the phone prior to the first session to assess your needs and the most challenging space in your home.


Upon entering the home, I begin the organizational process right away. I usually work with the client first in the space that has created the most distress.  I help you to purge, sort and organize.  I have found that when a client succeeds in the ‘worse area’ of the home, then psychologically everything else seems achievable and easier. I talk to you about whatever system you’ve attempted in the past that hasn’t worked and why and then tailor a system for your individual needs.  Organization isn’t about stacks of labeled plastic bins; it’s about creating a system that actually works for you and that you will continue to use. 


At some point in the process, emotions that have kept you from organizing in the past may arise.  This is a good thing because we can then move through this unconscious avoidance strategy and go all the way to completion.  This accomplishment enables you to experience moving beyond a limitation and thus increases your capacity for further organization. 

When we’re done, you will be amazed at how wonderful your room feels and at how much space has been created.  You will experience a sense of peace and harmony with your space and your belongings.  You will find that everything you need and is important to you is now organized, labeled and easy to locate.  Clients often share that once the room is organized, they have a strong desire to use the room in a way that they haven't been able to.  


How involved will I have to be?

Organizing is about establishing and claiming your space.  The more you are involved with the organizing process the more you get out of it.  I guide you through the process so you don’t have to think about how it’s going to get accomplished.  However, decisions will need to be made as to what stays and what’s important and I will guide you to make them.  It usually takes years to create “your particular mess” so when you are participating in this process you will tacitly learn how to do things a different way.  You will learn new habits and undo old ones. 


I’m happy to shop for any necessary products and containers and remove donations from your home to be given to a charity.  If you prefer to pick out your own supplies and bins to match your décor and lifestyle, I will give you a list and let you know which ones you will most likely need and suggest a good place to get them.


Do I have to get rid of my things?

The decision to get rid of anything will always be yours to make.  Purging is a part of getting organized but it’s not the goal.  By hiring an organizer it means that you on some level are ready to release old patterns.  I help you see what you don’t need anymore and create an environment that makes it easy for you to let go or reintegrate items back into your life. 


Why hold onto something that evokes a negative emotion or out of guilt?   If the only reason you are keeping an object is because Aunt Truddy gave it to you and you feel you must display it when she visits your home or her feelings will be hurt, this may not be a good reason to keep it.  Energetically this doesn’t feel good to anybody.  Of course, if for any reason you love something, then by all means keep it!  And if you do let go of it, there are many other loving gestures that you can do that do not include keeping something you find unattractive. 

Will you help me make decisions?

What to toss? What to keep? What to give away?  What to sell?  Making decisions can be difficult and draining because there’s so many to make while organizing.  This is exactly why you need to hire me and what makes your investment so worthwhile!  I have no personal attachment to your things, so I can be realistic and pragmatic.  It is my sole purpose to help you make decisions that respect your feelings, desires, and principles and I am highly trained to do this.


I’m embarrassed to have anyone see my personal chaos.

As a Professional Organizer I have seen every form of disorganization and chaos.  I have worked with clients who define the word ‘hoarding’ who are unable to walk through their house without stepping over or around piles of clutter.  Many clients wait until it is unbearable to hire me because they feel so embarrassed or ashamed or could not create the time in their busy lives to take care of things.


Please understand that my chosen vocation is to help people like this as well as people who need just a little fine-tuning.  It is a great privilege and I feel humbled and honored to work with people who are choosing to improve their situations.  I greatly respect my clients, especially those in this extreme position, because I realize how difficult a decision it is to ask for help. It is very vulnerable allowing someone to go through your personal ‘things’ no matter what level of disarray.


I never enter your Sacred Space with judgment.  I come with compassion and a clear vision of what needs to happen to create a warm, inviting space that feels good to you.  Being an Organizer is extremely rewarding because I help people make positive changes in their lives.  


Can I begin the process on my own before you arrive?

Yes, of course, you are welcome to begin this process on your own and sometimes just knowing that a Professional Organizer is coming on a certain date will help you begin the process.


Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get too far.  It will take less time if I systematically help and guide you through the process.  It’s easy to get sidetracked, overwhelmed and/or stuck when organizing on your own.  I keep you on track, focused and moving towards completion.  I ask many questions that will help me determine the best “system” for you.  


Do you work with children?

Yes, I have been very successful in working with children from the very young through high school age to organize their rooms and to let go of things they no longer want or need.  The child learns many valuable lessons such as how to make decisions about what’s important to them and how to create a space that reflects what feels good to them and what they truly like.  They learn to be discerning in what stays in their rooms. 


Each child is empowered to make decisions and help in the process of designing a space that works for them.  I have found that kids who have participated in this “clean up” and decision-making process are more apt to keep their rooms in good order on their own because of a new ownership of the space.  They can bring this new skill of how to organize to any space and when their rooms become cluttered again, they will know how to bring them back to equanimity.  If needed, I help them to work out a schedule to accomplish their responsibilities such as homework, chores and sports.  


Why choose me?

I truly care about people.  I am passionate about helping people make positive changes in their lives by creating simple, beautiful spaces and by helping them let go of things that have been weighing them down.  Honesty, respect, responsibility, and integrity are extremely important to me. I take very seriously the relationship I have with each client and know that it requires trust and sensibility.  I feel honored and humbled to go through your personal possessions with you and create a beautiful space.  Anytime during the process, I am always happy and available to talk about any of your concerns or fears that may come up.  I am dedicated to providing the best service possible.  


Can I give your services as a gift?

Definitely! Just contact me and you will be provided with a personalized gift certificate to give as a gift.  Unless special arrangements are made, Everything Has A Place has a 4-hour minimum so I can make a big dent in any job!


Are you a “green” company?

I "go green" by utilizing what you already own (unless you’d prefer to buy something new), and finding creative ways to store things.


I recycle as much as possible and offer to bring your donations to charitable organizations.  If items can be sold I can provide resources on how to do this.  Bottom line is you will be left in an energetically clean environment for a fresh start.


What do I get out of it?

Can you imagine living in an environment where you feel good and productive and nurtured and where you can find everything you need and do everything you want to do?  Imagine accomplishing things in less time with less stress because you know where everything is located.  Imagine being proud to have people stop by and visit.  Imagine living in a space where everything you own has heart and meaning.   


Simplifying and organizing is a huge step towards creating harmony in your life. Letting go of things that don’t serve you but are actually weighing you down is a part of this.  What I have seen is that having too much stuff and physical clutter in our lives creates stress and overwhelm.  I have seen that simplifying and organizing is liberating and creates harmony and balance. 


We have the choice to step out of the well-worn path that is our life and feel the underlining stress and disease and then choose to be a part of the process to do something different.  I say choose Happiness and Harmony and create a life that is life positive and balanced.  Everything in our outer surroundings affects us internally (and vice-versa) and so it is crucial that our homes reflect a calm, balanced lifestyle.  I invite you to transform your home so that it enriches and nourishes you.   


We at Everything Has A Place follow the NAPO Code of Ethics.

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