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Clear space- Clear mind


I'm Tova.  An Expert in organizing clutter and creating harmony.

My goal as a professional home organizer is to eliminate your stress and simplify your life. I will help you get through your never-ending to-do list! 


My non-judgmental and friendly approach will put you at ease while I complete your time consuming tasks. I am here to help you and even teach you how to easily maintain your space tidy.

Getting organized at home and in life, can help reduce stress levels long term and it can also feel empowering, So you experience new situations as "exciting" rather than "stressful," which can minimize the strength and duration of your stress response, or keep it from getting triggered in the first place.


My Services


"Tova is such a enjoyable person to be around, especially when facing such daunting tasks as total home organization. She was efficient and very much dedicated to her business. She is very comfortable to work with and any embarrassment felt about the state of ones home is quickly diminished within minutes of getting to work. She has been so great that we are having her return for future visits and having her help us move into our new home and show us how to organize it so we make the most out of house. We couldn't have done it without Tova and Everything Has A Place. Thank you –

Citrus Heights, CA

"Tova was the woman who was called and met my needs and requests became one of my trusted friends and a true gift to my life!!! I have what I was looking for, Thank you" 

Nevada City, CA

"Tova knows how to remain upbeat as we went through stacks of papers to get them in order. It was all done efficiently and she has a real passion for doing this kind of work."  - Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA

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